Rose Flame Quartz

Opens one to all forms of love, balances one’s emotions, brings inner peace and harmony.

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Purification of emotional body. Self-love. All love. Confidence. Personal expression. Gentle. Use with Ruby to heal the emotions of the heart. Acceptance and forgiveness. Weight loss – lighten up. Grace, beauty, perfect weight, youthful body and heart. Self-esteem. Regenerates love, love, love. Endows us with appreciation. Listen to our feelings and create joy. Demonstrate love. Rose Keeps us in tune with the emotional aspects of self; its energies help us learn to love ourselves and ultimately others. Its energies are soothing and nurturing, making this an ideal stone to reduce stress and trauma, promoting self confidence and better self image, compassion, patience, and forgiveness. Known to benefit the heart and the circulatory system.