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I have worked over 10 years with medical doctors and holistic practitioners for over 30 years.Crystals have been an integral part of my life since I was a child. I have always chosen alternative methods and nature is the key to healing. Mount Shasta Gem Essences really work! They are super-charged and the vibrational energy is fantastic! I love what you are doing.

~ David C. Mount Shasta, CA

I am a yoga instructor and feel really alive and energetic after a session. I was instructed to drop a couple of drops of The Mount Shasta Gem Essences on my wrist and rub them together and then a couple of drops in my mouth. I had no idea what to expect but I was happily surprised because shortly after taking them I blurted out to my friend, "Wow, this is Great, this feels like yoga in a bottle. I can't wait to share these with my students.

~ Kim F. - New Jersey

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~ Kaori - Testimonial

I own a small local health food store in New Jersey and have the typical type products available as in other stores. Herbal and natural remedies from nature is my family's lifestyle choice and our overall great health is evident of this. The most current healing modalities being talked about of late seems to make a lot of sense. Vibration and energy are the buzz words so to speak. Higher vibration, higher energy and being happier puts everyone in a good mood.

I have never taken gem essences before so I was keeping an open mind, as I do with all new products. I followed the instructions and put just a couple of drops in my mouth and on my wrists. I cannot explain it but, something happened. Like a shift of some sort. It was subtle but I was feeling a little euphoric. The essence was The Rose Flame Quartz. Love of self and bringing in more love was the message. Wow, I am really drawn to the essences and the customers and I are having fun trying them all.

This has been great to experience all the different vibrations and shifts taking place using the essences and the message that keeps coming up when using the essences is that we are love and we are loved and that is all there is. These are really cool, can't wait to get the new ones.

~ Linda B. - New Jersey

Mount Shasta Gem Essences capture the essence of the Mount Shasta vortex and align the individuals resonance with cosmic resonance and create a unified field of oneness.

~ Adam C.- Mt Shasta, CA

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